Welcome, a few words about me

I am a woman, daughter, mother, psychologist, coach. I perform various roles, just like every one of us.

First, I am a human, sentient and thinking being, just like every one of us. Second, on the deepest level we are all the same, we share the same nature and come from the same source. At the same time, we are all special and one of a kind. We have our personal stories, experiences, views, opinions, preferences, patterns of behaviour and so on …

This unity and uniqueness make our lives complex and multidimensional. Therefore, working with my clients, I apply the holistic approach. It draws inspiration and methods from various areas of psychology, health and self-development. My cooperation is tailored to the individual requirements of a person.

My interest in psychology, self-development and spirituality started to develop at the age of 18, when I consciously chose to study psychology instead of my beloved journalism. It was a love at first sight; after a few lectures I felt this was the path of my life. Since then, I have also undergone my own therapy, worked with mentors, practised mindfulness techniques, broadened my understanding of nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

After more than a decade of working on my own self-development along with helping others I understand that development never ends. I believe there is nothing more precious and important than our physical and mental health. It is reasonable to invest in ourselves because we can achieve whatever we wish for as our potential is limitless.

I am utterly thankful for the opportunity to accompany others on their way to fulfilment, joy and life-satisfaction that we all deserve.

about me,

I graduated from the Psychology Department of Wroclaw University with a Master of Arts degree.
I took courses in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness methods.
I am an ICF Personal Development Trainer at ACC level and a Yoga Teacher.
Since 2014 I have been developing and studying under the supervision of excellent mentors and teachers, thanks to whom I was able to discover and go beyond my own limits and negative judgments, enabling me to help others in the best possible way. I am meditating and practicing Yoga on daily basis.

I have been living in Iceland since 2014 and I have been running a private psychological and coaching practice here since 2015 Apart from that, I have been working for training companies and state institutions, conducting group training in the field of self-development and communication techniques.