My invitation to work together:

I specialize in working with people who want to develop, work through traumas, overcome fears and go deeper within o develop and heal themselves, their relationships, or start their own business. I work with women to strengthen their femininity, to go beyond limitations and stereotypes. I also conduct therapy for couples, where two people can find their way back to what they share, find a common language and overcome challenges in a loving way.

• If you feel like you are full of insecurity or fear, and making decisions is a huge challenge

• If you feel that you are looking for approval and acceptance from others, that you want to please them

• If you feel that there is not enough of You in Your own life, that you do not come first

• If you feel you do not trust yourself, you do not know yourself, and you do not know what you want

Then please ask yourself – Do I wish to change it? Is it still worth following this path and where will it lead me to? What am I looking for, what is my goal? How do I want to feel?

Trust me, I know from experience that you can work through limitations, go beyond limits and love yourself.

Believe me that you can be Yourself and enjoy it. Your life is a gift and a chance for fulfillment.

I am inviting you to travel together towards happiness and becoming the best version of Yourself.


individual sessions

108 Euro


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Mind, body & spirit

Holistic workshop focused on body work(yoga), breathing exercises, meditation and inner work

Female empowerment

focusing on femininity, deepening self-awareness, going beyond inner limitations, connecting with a body

offer for companies

Training for employees in the field of communication, motivation, goal setting, work organization, self-development and team building.